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Welcome to the Scope 3 Evaluator!

You will be asked a series of (relatively) simple questions to quickly calculate a comprehensive first screening of your company's scope 3 (value chain) carbon footprint, in alignment with the WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol.

Why use the Scope 3 Evaluator?

For many companies, more than 80% of their GHG impacts occur outside of their own operations*. However, quantification and reporting of value chain emissions can be a time intensive task and many companies just don’t know where to start. As the developers of the Scope 3 Accounting and Reporting Standard, GHG Protocol seeks to reduce barriers to uptake of the standard and encourage the use of the standard to improve management of companies’ value chain GHG emissions.

* State of Green Business 2013, GreenBiz

What does the tool provide?

To help facilitate the adoption of the Scope 3 Standard, GHG Protocol teamed up with Quantis to develop this free scope 3 screening tool. This tool provides users a simple interface to make a first, rough approximation of their full scope 3 footprint, regardless of their organization type and size. The tool leads users through a series of questions about their organizational structure and their activities of various types, such as purchase of goods and services, use of fuels, transportation of materials, and more. Linking these inputs to a combination of economic input-output and process life cycle inventory data, the tool provides the user with a simple though complete scope 3 inventory which they can then use as an initial basis for identifying action areas, initial reporting or disclosure of their inventory, and for informing their future efforts to produce a more accurate inventory of emissions.

A data collection list can be downloaded here to help the user gather necessary data before using the online tool. A list of limitations in the calculation methodology can be accessed here. You can download the full documentation here.

This tool is not a data collection tool and is currently not designed to facilitate the data collection and management process. For categories for which there may be substantial complexity in data collection (e.g., Category 1 Purchased Goods and Services), we recommend simplifying the data collection process by selecting the top five, ten or twenty categories by expenditure, as a first step with a potential to expand the coverage later.

Although the tool’s calculations are designed to follow the GHG Protocol recommendations, in many cases the outputs are estimates based on simplified approaches and the outputs should not be considered to have been assured for conformance with the Scope 3 Standard without further assessment of how the tool has been applied for a certain company. While the tool is suggested as a means to expand the coverage of GHG footprint disclosures, it is suggested that users work to develop more accurate approaches for categories shown to be a significant percent of the total Scope 3 inventory.